Session manager for tmux, which allows users to save and load tmux sessions through simple configuration files. Powered by libtmux.

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$ pip install --user tmuxp


$ brew install tmuxp

Debian / ubuntu:

$ sudo apt install tmuxp


$ [[ -z $(which tmux) ]] && (nix-env -i tmux && nix-env -i tmuxp) || nix-env -i tmuxp

Find the package for your distro on repology:

Developmental releases:

  • pip:

    $ pip install --user --upgrade --pre tmuxp
  • pipx:

    $ pipx install --suffix=@next 'tmuxp' --pip-args '\--pre' --force

    Then use tmuxp@next load [session].

Load a tmux session

Load tmux sessions via json and YAML, tmuxinator and teamocil style.

session_name: 4-pane-split
  - window_name: dev window
    layout: tiled
      - cd ~/ # run as a first command in all panes
      - shell_command: # pane no. 1
          - cd /var/log # run multiple commands in this pane
          - ls -al | grep \.log
      - echo second pane # pane no. 2
      - echo third pane # pane no. 3
      - echo forth pane # pane no. 4

Save as mysession.yaml, and load:

$ tmuxp load ./mysession.yaml

Projects with .tmuxp.yaml or .tmuxp.json load via directory:

$ tmuxp load path/to/my/project/

Load multiple at once (in bg, offer to attach last):

$ tmuxp load mysession ./another/project/

Name a session:

$ tmuxp load -s session_name ./mysession.yaml

simple and very elaborate config examples

User-level configurations

tmuxp checks for configs in user directories:

  • $TMUXP_CONFIGDIR, if set

  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, usually $HOME/.config/tmuxp/

  • $HOME/.tmuxp/

Load your tmuxp config from anywhere by using the filename, assuming ~/.config/tmuxp/mysession.yaml (or .json):

$ tmuxp load mysession

See author’s tmuxp configs and the projects’ tmuxp.yaml.


New in 1.6.0:

tmuxp shell launches into a python console preloaded with the attached server, session, and window in libtmux objects.

$ tmuxp shell

(Pdb) server
<libtmux.server.Server object at 0x7f7dc8e69d10>
(Pdb) server.sessions
[Session($1 your_project)]
(Pdb) session
Session($1 your_project)
(Pdb) window
Window(@3 1:your_window, Session($1 your_project))
(Pdb) window.panes
[Pane(%6 Window(@3 1:your_window, Session($1 your_project)))
(Pdb) pane
Pane(%6 Window(@3 1:your_window, Session($1 your_project))

Supports PEP 553 breakpoint() (including PYTHONBREAKPOINT). Also supports direct commands via -c:

$ tmuxp shell -c 'print('

$ tmuxp shell -c 'print('

Read more on tmuxp shell in the CLI docs.

Pre-load hook

Run custom startup scripts (such as installing project dependencies before loading tmux. See the and before_script example

Load in detached state

You can also load sessions in the background by passing -d flag



Freeze a tmux session

Snapshot your tmux layout, pane paths, and window/session names.

$ tmuxp freeze session-name

See more about freezing tmux sessions.

Convert a session file

Convert a session file from yaml to json and vice versa.

$ tmuxp convert filename

This will prompt you for confirmation and shows you the new file that is going to be written.

You can auto confirm the prompt. In this case no preview will be shown.

$ tmuxp convert -y filename
$ tmuxp convert --yes filename

Plugin System

tmuxp has a plugin system to allow for custom behavior. See more about the Plugin System.

Debugging Helpers

The load command provides a way to log output to a log file for debugging purposes.

$ tmuxp load --log-file <log-file-name> .

Collect system info to submit with a Github issue:

$ tmuxp debug-info
    system: Linux
    arch: x86_64

# ... so on

Docs / Reading material

See the Quickstart.

Documentation homepage (also in 中文)

Want to learn more about tmux itself? Read The Tao of Tmux online.


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