tmuxp freeze#

usage: tmuxp freeze [-h] [-S socket-path] [-L socket-name] [-f {yaml,json}]
                    [-o output-path] [--yes] [--quiet] [--force]

Positional Arguments#


Named Arguments#


pass-through for tmux -S


pass-through for tmux -L

-f, --workspace-format

Possible choices: yaml, json

format to save in

-o, --save-to

file to save to

--yes, -y

always answer yes

Default: False

--quiet, -q

don’t prompt for confirmation

Default: False


overwrite the workspace file

Default: False


Freeze sessions

$ tmuxp freeze
$ tmuxp freeze [session_name]
$ tmuxp freeze --force [session_name]

You can save the state of your tmux session by freezing it.

Tmuxp will offer to save your session state to .json or .yaml.

If no session is specified, it will default to the attached session.

If the --force argument is passed, it will overwrite any existing workspace file with the same name.