Assure you have at least tmux >= 1.8 and python >= 3.7.

$ pip install --user tmuxp

You can upgrade to the latest release with:

$ pip install --user --upgrade tmuxp

Then install Completions.

If you are a Homebrew user you can install it with:

$ brew install tmuxp

Developmental releases

New versions of tmuxp are published to PyPI as alpha, beta, or release candidates. In their versions you will see notification like a1, b1, and rc1, respectively. 1.10.0b4 would mean the 4th beta release of 1.10.0 before general availability.

  • pip:

    $ pip install --user --upgrade --pre tmuxp
  • pipx:

    $ pipx install --suffix=@next 'tmuxp' --pip-args '\--pre' --force

    Then use tmuxp@next load [session].

via trunk (can break easily):

  • pip:

    $ pip install --user -e git+https://github.com/tmux-python/tmuxp.git#egg=tmuxp
  • pipx:

    $ pipx install --suffix=@master 'tmuxp @ git+https://github.com/tmux-python/tmuxp.git@master' --force


tmuxp launches workspaces / sessions from JSON and YAML files.

Workspace files can be stored in $HOME/.tmuxp or in project directories as .tmuxp.py, .tmuxp.json or .tmuxp.yaml.

Every workspace file is required to have:

  1. session_name

  2. list of windows

  3. list of panes for every window in windows

Create a file, ~/.tmuxp/example.yaml:

session_name: 2-pane-vertical
  - window_name: my test window
      - echo hello
      - echo hello
$ tmuxp load example.yaml

This creates your tmuxp session.

Load multiple tmux sessions at once:

$ tmuxp load example.yaml anothersession.yaml

tmuxp will offer to switch-client for you if you’re already in a session. You can also load a workspace and append the windows to the current active session.

You can also have a custom tmuxp config directory by setting the TMUXP_CONFIGDIR in your environment variables.

$ TMUXP_CONFIGDIR=$HOME/.tmuxpmoo tmuxp load cpython

Or in your ~/.bashrc / ~/.zshrc you can set:

export TMUXP_CONFIGDIR=$HOME/.yourconfigdir/tmuxp

You can also Import configs teamocil and tmuxinator.


ORM - Object Relational Mapper

AL - Abstraction Layer

python abstraction layer

tmuxp python api

tmux(1) equivalent


$ tmux new-session


$ tmux list-sessions


$ tmux list-windows


$ tmux new-window


$ tmux list-panes


$ tmux split-window


$ tmux send-keys