tmuxp freeze - tmuxp.cli.freeze

CLI for tmuxp freeze subcommand.

class tmuxp.cli.freeze.CLIFreezeNamespace(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: Namespace

Typed argparse.Namespace for tmuxp freeze command.

session_name: str
socket_name: Optional[str]
socket_path: Optional[str]
workspace_format: Optional[CLIOutputFormatLiteral]
save_to: Optional[str]
answer_yes: Optional[bool]
quiet: Optional[bool]
force: Optional[bool]

Augment argparse.ArgumentParser with freeze subcommand.

Return type:


tmuxp.cli.freeze.command_freeze(args, parser=None)[source]

Entrypoint for tmuxp freeze, snapshot a tmux session into a tmuxp workspace.

If SESSION_NAME is provided, snapshot that session. Otherwise, use the current session.

Return type: