Typings - tmuxp._internal.types

Internal, typing.TYPE_CHECKING guarded typings.

These are _not_ to be imported at runtime as typing_extensions is not bundled with tmuxp. Usage example:

>>> import typing as t
...     from tmuxp._internal.types import PluginConfigSchema
class tmuxp._internal.types.PluginConfigSchema[source]

Bases: TypedDict

plugin_name: str
tmux_min_version: str
tmux_max_version: str
tmux_version_incompatible: List[str]
libtmux_min_version: str
libtmux_max_version: str
libtmux_version_incompatible: List[str]
tmuxp_min_version: str
tmuxp_max_version: str
tmuxp_version_incompatible: List[str]